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Practical Training and Testing


Drone flight trainings with instructions

Have you ever worried about being a well enough skilled drone pilot for your own private or commercial missions? Well, mastering any kind of challenging operations comes with different levels of uncertainties in the field. To overcome some of the self questioning we can together find ways of profiting by the experience of a longer term drone pilot. 

Drone Services you can expect from us:

Photogrammetric map display (2D/3D, RTK/PPK)

Wildlife rescue by thermal imaging drone

Survey of plant stocks in agriculture

River inspection through mapping and inspection flights

Fawn rescue with thermal imaging drone

Wild boar search with thermal imaging drone

Solar panel function mapping and inspections

Ground breeder search and mapping

Building inspection also with thermal imaging

Responder missions (insurance included) using mapping and thermal imaging

Mast and bridge inspection also with thermal image depiction

Survey of flora and fauna stocks in nature conservation

NEW: Drone flight trainings with instructions

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