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Forestry and Agriculture

Explore flora and fauna airborne

In the sector of forestry and agriculture, "air support" by drone usage is getting more and more common in many countries, especially in the USA.

As a follow-up process, the number of drone operations in Europe will also increase.

The advantages for farmers range from up to date vegetation index imagery to exact and spontaneous on-the-spot fertilization or targeted pest control.

Forestries can make use of more up to date nadir imagery, e.g. after heavy storms or snow fall in order to determine where immediate action must be taken. Animal populations and their impact on forest resources can also be monitored.

Drone Services you can expect from us:

Photogrammetric map display (2D/3D, RTK/PPK)

Wildlife rescue by thermal imaging drone

Survey of plant stocks in agriculture

River inspection through mapping and inspection flights

Fawn rescue with thermal imaging drone

Wild boar search with thermal imaging drone

Solar panel function mapping and inspections

Ground breeder search and mapping

Building inspection also with thermal imaging

Responder missions (insurance included) using mapping and thermal imaging

Mast and bridge inspection also with thermal image depiction

Survey of flora and fauna stocks in nature conservation

NEW: Drone flight trainings with instructions

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