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Conservation and Geomatics

Register plains, forests and waters

The use of drones for environmental purposes is becoming increasingly important. Whether temperature distribution or air pollution measurement, the scope of sensor capabilities is getting wider in short intervals. Optical systems can e.g. control the quality of waters or provide vegetation index imagery that can help to improve the health of plants and trees.

The sector of geomatics almost already depends to a large extent on drone imagery, that enables the creation of up-to-date maps at high resolution for any kind of built-up city area or rural landscape, small and large scale. Aerial survey is one of the leading innovation drivers for the drone industry. Here the technical synergies are very dynamic and expansive. 

Drone Services you can expect from us:

Photogrammetric map display (2D/3D, RTK/PPK)

Wildlife rescue by thermal imaging drone

Survey of plant stocks in agriculture

River inspection through mapping and inspection flights

Fawn rescue with thermal imaging drone

Wild boar search with thermal imaging drone

Solar panel function mapping and inspections

Ground breeder search and mapping

Building inspection also with thermal imaging

Responder missions (insurance included) using mapping and thermal imaging

Mast and bridge inspection also with thermal image depiction

Survey of flora and fauna stocks in nature conservation

NEW: Drone flight trainings with instructions

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