by Claus KUEPPER

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This year's season of deer fawn search and rescue has just begun. A little later than usual because of the extended period of cold weather. Now farmers begin to mow the first meadows and a lot of effort is done to avoid killing those fawns unintentionally. The photo shows a "fawn dummy" during parameter optimization of flight altitude, speed, pattern overlap and level of automation.


In-flight photo of a DJI Phantom 3 Pro equipped with a modified 4K camera producing NDVI imagery for plant health capturing. These images (and videos) contain "RGN"-information, which reveal the Red+Green+Near-Infrared (NIR) components of the light spectrum. High NIR reflectance levels indicate good plant health.


4WD SUV mobility is in many cases of great advantage when working for agriculture, forestries and the construction sector. An onboard charging concept keeps flight batteries ready at the launch site.


Using Pix4Dcapture in conjunction with Phantom 3 Pro. An NDVI-NIR-camera module will be tested this April for agricultural purposes. Plant health of vegetables, crops and forests can be monitored over large areas in a short time period.


End of March 2018: wing flight training with hybrid copter "Convergence VTOL" - equipped with real time video transmission - with probably the last snow on the flight test area for this year.


Orthomosaic and 3D modelling flight pattern for conservation and agricultural purposes. Approx. 400 nadir photos are taken to cover a 125,000 m² (12.5 ha) test area in less than 20 minutes flight time.

Preparing for flight tests at -6 °C outside air temperature. Operating drones below -5 °C OAT require special battery precautions and put system software to a test. Numerous critical flight phases were conducted without problems. The UAS proved to operate safely.


This video is an example for thermal live imaging during a search for pigs in corn fields. It was recorded flying a Typhoon H PRO RS hexacopter with a CGO-ET camera incorporating both, a thermal sensor and a low light FHD camera. Gathering data and images in post production enables detailed analysis.


Early morning "foggy" takeoff preparations on landing pad at - 5 °C. Winter seasonal testing of drone operations. Special attention must be paid to battery temperatures and possible propeller icing.